Sensor data recorder is your number one app in order to record CoreMotion and audio data for machine learning.

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Screenshot of silver iPhone displaying CoreMotion capturing.

CoreMotion and machine learning the easy way

In case you need to record accelerometer and gyroscope data from your iOS device, look no further.

Screenshot of silver iPhone displaying CoreMotion download capability.

Capture CoreMotion and Audio Data

Record gyroscope and accelerometer data directly from your phone's CoreMotion module.

Easy Post-Processing for Machine Learning

Further process the data within your favorite machine learning environment like Python or R.

Lightweight and Easy

Set the required frequency and click start. Once you stopped the recording, you can directly download the data.

Secure and Private

Securely capture sensor data. Data is not shared with anyone. No sign-up required in order to use the app.

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The app is available exclusively for iOS. Download it now to get started.

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